Finances in Formation -Prerecorded Class

Finances in Formation Webinar Slides 4-5.png
Finances in Formation Webinar Slides 4-5.png

Finances in Formation -Prerecorded Class


Boss Lady, this webinar is for you if:

-You want a better understanding of how to manage the money your business makes and spends. 

-All these financial terms are confusing and you have no idea what they mean or if you even need them for your business. 

-You're not keeping any kind of records other than PayPal.

-You have no idea how much it's actually costing you to run your business. 

-You have no clue which policies you need to have before you make your first sale.


This class will cover:

-Getting your bank account ready.

-Basic words you need to know and how to apply them to your business.

-Paper, excel, or software, which one you need and when.

-How to calculate what it cost to run your business. It's not hard, promise.

-Policies you need to protect your coins and your customer's expectations.


62 minute Replay + Slides

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Thank you Ki Boss for the amazing webinar Finances in Formation. You were able to clear up so much confusion in just 1 hour. Usually finance people use those big terms and they never break it down to “our level” and you did just that. I will be able to do a better job at trackinng and budgeting and will definitely be in touch so we can dig a little deeper.
— @reneealexanderjewelry
Takisha’s webinar was amazing! I really learned so much about where I am in my business, how to be sure of myself with my fees and other charges, how to manage my business affairs, and better prepare for tax time.
— @TheEventParlor