4 Things to consider before you start your business

You want to be a Boss, but you don’t realize everything that it takes to run a successful business. So you start this amazing business only to get frustrated, burnt out, and ready to give up.

This won’t happen to you because you’re going to really think about if you have what it takes to really give this a go. Because you might just like the idea of being a Boss. So before you jump into the role of a Boss, I want you to consider these 4 things.

1.      Do you have the time to invest in building a business? Yes, life will get in the way, but do you have consistent time to start? There aren’t many overnight successes. They took time and commitment to start. So do you have time? What can you give up to allow you those extra hours needed? Maybe cut back on tv, wake up early, stay up later, or give up a portion of your lunch break (this is what I do so I can get my live broadcast in). 

2.      Do you have the skills to start a business? Starting a new business you’ll play so many different roles from the content creator, sales, graphic designer, website developer, blogger, accountant, editor, you name it. But you have to assess honestly what you can do and what you can hire or have someone else do. If funds are limited what can you barter with someone else on? You don’t need to know how to do everything perfectly, but a general idea is good enough.

3.      Do you have the money to invest in a business? Yes, it is true you can start a business with limited funds. Do you know how much it costs to run your business? Remember you don’t need all the bells and whistles now, start small with free tools until you start generating money then upgrade.

4.      Do you have the drive and ambition to keep going even when you’re ready to give up? To push through when you have no idea how this is going to work. To stay with it even when you don’t get the sales or results you want? Push past the fear,  you’re following your dream and nothing and no one will get in your way.

It’s true you shouldn’t let anything stop you from starting the business of your dreams. But it’s also true that you need to be real about what you have time for and what you honestly can do. Faith that it will work isn’t enough, you need the money and drive to back you up. Now that you’ve thought of these things, write out what you need to work on and get to building that business with your Brainstorming to Business Journal

Are you ready to start your business? Let me know.