The Roadmap to Success

It's a new year and you're excited to follow your dreams and take a leap of faith. That is until you realize you're not sure if this is the right cliff to jump off of. Yet, you leap anyway. Upset that now you've landed in disaster.  

An easy way to identify where you should leap is to create a roadmap. By creating this roadmap (plan) you can identify what you have and what you need to get you to that right cliff. If you’re not clear in the direction you’re bound to spin your wheels and go in circles that don’t lead anywhere. Here’s a quick roadmap on getting from nowhere to somewhere.

  1. Where do you want to go? (Start a business)
  2. What do you need to get there? (An idea, time to build it, money to invest in it, and all of your skills and experience).
  3. How can you get there using the least amount of time, money, and resources? (Setting up a schedule to work, joining a network for support, getting a coach or mentor to guide and help with accountability).
  4. How will you know you’ve arrived? (You have people asking for your products and services).
  5. What will you reward yourself with when you get there? (By investing back in your business to grow it even more).

Here's an example of my 2018 roadmap:

  1. Build a successful business
  2. Create and launch 2 new products monthly. 
  3. Continue to do live videos so I can interact and engage with my Circle. This will help me engage them with questions about what they want and need. 
  4. I will reach my revenue goal with the newly created products. Also by the feedback on the products and services. 
  5. I'm rewarding myself by transforming part of a spare bedroom into an office. 

Now it’s your turn. CLICK HERE for your Goal Journal and figure out your destination. You can see the vision now it’s time to create the roadmap to get you there. That life looks good on you.