4 Ways Writing Gave Me Clarity

Have you ever had so much going on that the days just get away from you? How could I think about my future when I didn’t have the energy to deal with the present. Nor was I in a place where I was emotionally ready to unload all the chaotic thoughts in my head.

I started to hate any question asking about my goals, the future, or anything that required me to get honest about my life. It wasn't until I got honest with myself that I didn't know what I wanted or even who I was anymore. I was existing but not living.

I had to find an answer because I didn't want to live like this anymore. I needed help uncovering the woman I wanted to be. My moments of clarity came when I started journaling, brainstorming, brain dumping, and creating task lists. 

Here are 4 ways writing gave me the clarity to create the life I wanted. 

1. Journaling required me to get honest and to be vulnerable in my truth. It was challenging to see in black and white that I wasn’t where I wanted to be. It forced me to address some limiting thoughts and beliefs I wasn’t aware I had. I worked through some doubt, fears, and uncertainty. This lead me to start journaling and creating a plan for what I did want, what I wanted to accomplish, and who I wanted to become. I have a plan.

2. I started doing brain dumps more frequently. Brain dumping is simply where you get all the information in your head out onto paper. I noticed that most of the dumps were things I kept saying I wanted to do, reminders, or ideas. By finally getting it out onto paper where I wouldn’t forget it, I was able to feel more clear. I got rid of the distractions.

3. I began to brainstorm, it’s powerful to see your ideas on paper. Brainstorming allowed me to come up with new products and new things I wanted to try. I had the freedom to create without any restrictions. I gave myself permission to dream again to imagine what can happen without the limiting what if’s. I have directions.

4. My task list became more detailed and manageable. I’d take one project and write from start to finish what I needed to do and I created deadlines. I’d work on what must get done first then what’d I’d like to do if I had time. This allowed me to get the majority of the project complete.  I know specifically where I’m going and when.

If you’re ready to get the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas out of your head and onto paper try one of the writing methods. CLICK HERE to see my journals created specifically to help coach yourself on getting clear about you and your life. These writing methods have allowed me to see the bigger picture of who I am, what I want, and how I’m going to accomplish it. Make sure to tag me at #KiBossServices if you purchase a journal.