Investing in a Coach

Reaching out to get help from a coach, mentor, or taking a class is a great investment in your growth. I know it’s sometimes hard to admit that you don't know it all, but it’s true. Working with a coach is such a great investment because you get all their knowledge and experience without having to go through it. Win-Win.

If I could start my business journey over I would have invested in a business coach sooner so that I could have built my business faster, with fewer headaches, and less financial investments.

Think about it:

-        You get the information that you don’t know with guidance.

-        You save time on Google, books, and all other research avenues because someone is pouring their knowledge into you in a condensed form. They're telling you specifically what you need to know, so you don't have to learn everything and try to make sense of what you do and don't need.

-        You have someone to take the guesswork out of "where do I start, what do I do next, do I need this, and how do I do this". They're able to show you because they've done it already.

-        Coaches, mentors, and training programs cost money. Money that you may not have. However, it’s money that you’re investing in yourself and your business development. So as long as you learn what you need to, it’s money well spent.

-        Not all investments are going to be good. Every coach isn’t good and all advice isn’t great. So you’ll have to do your homework before investing. Talk to people who've worked with them or ask for references.

-        Make sure what they offer is what you need. Just because they can do this, that, and two other things doesn't mean you need that. Get what you need so you can implement it and start seeing results.

When I started my business, I got information from so many people about how to start, how to market, how to do social media that honestly, it became information overload. Then it became too much information and I still haven’t taken all those classes.

So pick the area of your business that you know you need the most help with and invest in a coach or a training class. Get the knowledge you need without wasting time that you don’t have as a busy boss. And yes coaches have coaches. 

I can do business finance in my sleep give you proper accounting procedures, break down your business and tell you specifically what you need to get your financial records in order. But the other areas of business I'm working through, so I have a coach to help guide and push me to higher levels that I'd take longer to reach. 

If you're ready to take control of your finances schedule your coaching call now, CLICK HERE.  

Comment below to let me know what areas of business you're working with a coach on.