Takisha Artis, Wealth & Success Influencer

I use my education and experience to empower women entrepreneurs to let go of their self imposed limitations about money and success.

I do this by providing tools and resources to educate them on how to understand and manage their money so they can take control & ownership of their own success and financial freedom.

  Takisha, Wealth & Success Influencer

Takisha, Wealth & Success Influencer

 I empower them with the truth that they are the ones who can create they opportunities, the success, and financial freedom all on their own terms unapologetically. In the process of doing that I realized that helping them with their finances and accounting systems was just as important if not more so. Bad money habits personally lead to bad money habits in business.. As a certified public accountant with over 11 years of experience dealing with million dollar businesses, I see so many business owners and decision makers who aren’t aware of the financial state of their business. It has to stop.

I know as a new business owner, you might not be able to afford to pay for an accountant or to outsource the bookkeeping function. That's where I come in at, I want to teach Boss Ladies the financial tools and skill sets needed to make informed decisions, so their business can financially support them.  Providing assistance and support so you’ll be able to create your own definition of a wealthy lifestyle.

Takisha,  Certified Public Accountant, Certified Life & Solution Focused Coach